Loretta (White) Jaggers

This is among the family photos, a printed postcard. Martha Gooch was named for her maternal grandmother, Martha White. I have worked out that Loretta, show here, born about 1903, is the daughter of James White, brother to Martha White. So to Martha Gooch, Loretta was a first cousin once removed on the White side; James White and family lived in Centerton Indiana, next door to James' sister Hannah and their mother Jane White (who died 1909). Martha probably got to know Loretta on visits back to visit her Gooch grandparents, also in Centerton. There is a family resemblance; Loretta is found in a houseful of Jaggers, having married one of them (I'm not sure which), in the 1920 Census. An address is on the back of this photo: 217 Prospect Street, Indianapolis.


by Anita White on 25 November 2020
Loertta White married Paul Jaggers. They were my Aunt&Uncle. My dad was Charles Franklin White (Frank) lortta's youngest brother. THEY adopted a son,Ronald Jaggers who passed about 12 yrs ago. They used to come to Martinsville alot to visit.They were wonderful kind & generous people.I am l also related to the Jacksons. My Grandmother was Bertha (Jackson) White married to James J. White. His parents were Jonathon&Jane(Russell)White. Me and my sons are related to aboutevertbody you talked about. My oldest son Robert McFarland was friends with Jeremy Gooch, graduated from Martinsville in 1991. Thank you for all your hard work, much appreciated.
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