The Bacons in California

~1880 portraits of CE Bacon by himself, 1910 portrait of Joshua Bacon with his son Charles, and Charle's son Raymond, DIL Edna and their young son Charles. 1929 Bacon's 50th wedding anniversary in California, with text description, which mentions that those in the picture are:

Netta and CE Bacon
Lilian Gatch (Netta's sister)
Blanche Sheffield (cousin)
Nellie Wright Andrews (cousin)
Ella Wright (cousin)
Carl Wiggs (brother's son)
Bobbie, Bertha, Charles and Ernest McNeel (Bertha Bacon and her husband and sons).

Picture of just Netta and CE is in 1939, their 60th Wedding Anniversary.
Picture of the 3 people is on Catalina Island, Netta with her brother Alphonse and his wife Florence.
1991 colour portrait is of some of the grand-daughters of CM Bacon with their mother.


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