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Cannondale time trial bike

Cannondale time trial bike


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Cycling Time Trials (CTT) is the authoritative body for time trialling in the UK. It has a highly active and forward-looking membership, and this is reflected in its informative and up-to-date website. A handful of events allow online entry; you can filter for these on the main CTT website, or go to the Online Event Entry portal to sign up and enter. (Note that payment is by credit or debit card, and there's a 70p surcharge as a result.)

Norfolk and East Anglia Time Trials

CTT entry form

CTT entry form


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East District time trials (open events) for 2014, on the CTT website: All 2014 events - July 2014 - August 2014 - September 2014 - October 2014 - November 2014 - December 2014

Norwich ABC club events, starting from Ketteringham and Besthorpe (10 miles SW of Norwich).

North Norfolk Wheelers club events, starting near Sheringham (on the north coast).

Please note that it is a courtesy for non-members to contact the club (eg, their TT captain or club secretary) beforehand. Club events are primarily for club members, so don't just turn up unannounced if you're from another club!

Entry Forms

It's now really easy for you to keep track of your results and enter a time trial.
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Map of Time Trial Courses

This map shows the start points of selected time trial courses. It isn't complete! Please contact me if you'd like to add some in your own region, or if I've made any mistakes.

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Time Trial results and photos

My Personal Bests

  • 10 miles - 21:07 CC Breckland event (B10/3E) on 3 June 1998, won by Martin Pyne (20:56)
  • 25 miles - 54:44 Norwich ABC event (B25/4) on 7 July 2013, won by Dave Green (RAF CC) in 52:22
  • 50 miles - 1:53:47 Oxford Uni CC event (H50/14a) on 15 June 1997, won by Harry Walker (1:43:19)
  • 100 miles - 3:57:33 NCA event (B100/7) on 24 August 1997, won by Tony Barber (3:57:07)
  • 12 hrs - 254 miles CC Breckland event (B12/2) on 15 September 1996, won by Tony Barber (265 miles)

Further Reading

How to enter a UK time trial

The procedure of entering a cycling time trial in the UK is straightforward, but there are several things you need to know. This guide explains ...

Wolsey RC 25-mile Time Trial

An early morning event on the A143 Harleston/Bungay bypass. Organiser is M Pearce, and entries close on 15 July. More info on the CTT website ...

VC Baracchi 50-mile Time Trial

Weather conditions were close to ideal for the small field of around 40 starters, although there were lots of moans about the recent gritting ...

Lotus Team Time Trial

Here's the start sheet for the event. Gates open at 18:15, first team is off at 19:01, and last team is off at 20:30. Note that there is ...

CC Breckland 10-mile time trial

Calm and dry conditions prevailed for all 60 riders in this evening time trial on the A11, despite threats of rain. The last couple of miles ...

North Norfolk Wheelers 100-mile time trial

This tough event on a sporting course was set in bright sunshine and a light westerly breeze, so the only problems for the riders were fluids ...

Great Yarmouth CC 10-mile Time Trial

Run on the A143, starting and finishing at Wortwell. 8AM start. There's also a tandem option. More info at cyclingtimetrials.org.uk. ...

Great Yarmouth CC 25-mile Time Trial

Run mostly on back roads, starting and finishing in St Olaves. 9AM start. There's a 2-up option. More info at cyclingtimetrials.org.uk. ...

CC Breckland 10-mile time trial

Most entrants turned out for this early season tester, and there were a fair few spectators dotted along the route too. A light northerly ...

Hill Climb: CC Sudbury

Using the BHC/1 Semer Hill at Hadleigh, with a mid-morning start. Entry closes on 22 October. CTT details.
View UK Time Trial Locations ...

25-mile time trial: Norwich ABC

The event uses the B25/50 course on the A143 at Redenhall. There's a tandem category, and entry closes on September 24. CTT details. ...

10-mile time trial: Norwich ABC

An afternoon event on the B10/43 course at Harleston, on the A143. There's a tandem category, and entry closes on September 24. CTT details ...

10-mile time trial: East Anglian CC

An afternoon event using the B10/44 course at Earsham, on the A143. There's a tandem category, and entries close on September 17. CTT details ...

50-mile time trial: CC Breckland

It's an early morning dual carriageway event on the A11 at Besthorpe (the B50/18 course). There's a tandem category and handicap prizes, and ...

25-mile time trial: Anglia Velo

It's an early start for this A11 event on the B25/4 course at Besthorpe. There's internet entry available, and entry closes on 27 August. ...


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Coming soon...

10 August 2014 (Sunday): ECCA 25-mile time trial

17 August 2014 (Sunday): CC Breckland 30-mile Time Trial (District Championship)

25 August 2014 (Monday): VC Norwich 10-mile Time Trial

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