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Cycling Performance Programme

Performance Programme Since the outbreak of the global Coronavirus pandemic, my plan and diary for cycling in 2020 has changed somewhat. I did have ambitions for long-distance rides throughout the year, but the UK lockdown (with allowance ... (more)

What do Good Energy Customers Care About?

Good Energy has published results of a questionnaire, in which customers were asked what sort of environmental decisions they make. Here are the broad conclusions: Most of you stated that you choose Good Energy is because it is the 'greenest ... (more)

When the frame starts to rot on a door

Our 20-year-old kitchen back door is made of hardwood, and has a hardwood frame too. The door is holding up well, although it needs some TLC after the last decorator did a cheap and nasty over-painting job on it. The frame and step, however ... (more)

Double Glazing

Double Glazing: Is it Worth it? Getting double glazing installed is extremely expensive on even a modest-sized house, so the potential benefits and drawbacks must be understood before you decide what course to take. The instant gain from ... (more)

Performance Matters

How to be a Better Cyclist It's easier said than done on the subject of self-improvement, especially when it comes to physical development. Probably the greatest challenge is being content with little or no visible improvement for a long while ... (more)

When do people buy heating oil?

This chart reveals when visitors to this site say that they last bought heating oil for their home. Click on the chart for a larger view! What is shows is that, unsurprisingly, most oil tank filling activity goes on between November and ... (more)

What if your iPhone is stolen?

Your iPhone (and iPad, for that matter) is vulnerable to a six-minute attack in the event that someone gets hold of your phone. The phone has built-in encryption, but the 'key chain' that Apple employs to keep passwords and data safe is breakable ... (more)

What we Burn in our Stove

Here are some suggestions of what people burn in their stove. Take a look, and if you have something else to suggest, complete the mini-survey on the right! The responses: (more)

What is the most eco-friendly way to launder clothes?

Yeah yeah, I know, quite boring, but if you want to be a good eco-freak you need to think about the environmental impact of all your activities, especially daily ones. Something to remember is that everything we do has an environmental impact ... (more)

London to Paris Bike Ride

London to Paris 2008 On Google Maps (more)

Giving Blood

The Human Donor Giving blood is an almost painless experience, and has no significant side-effects for most people. You should always read guidance from the NHS Blood and Transplant service to be sure, though. So, what are you waiting for ... (more)