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Sending email in a secure, IPv6 world

This is a guide to updating your Linux server for SSL-enabled, IPv6-happy email transmission using sendmail! Here are the things you need to have already: An IPv6 address for your server. Your internet hosting provider will be able ... (more)

The Manor House

The Manor House A beautifully restored period building dating back to the end of the 19th century in a semi-rural setting on the edge of the village, which hosts a pub, a lovely church and post office. Double, twin or single rooms with ... (more)

Who are you buying your domestic heating oil from?

Ah, well, it's easy to answer, right? Boilerjuice, Butler, Bayford, Watson, or Scottish Fuels. Simple, eh? Or is it? Thanks to John Kelleher[1] who alerted us to the fact that many of the oil companies (that includes both domestic heating ... (more)

Gooch and Stout Family History Summary

Gooch and Stout family history The Gooch family, Stout clan and their allied families (related by marriage) are overwhelmingly Poor, Southern and uneducated Farmers. They includes slave owners, frontiersmen, tinkers (travelling salesmen of ... (more)

Smartphones on Pay-as-you-Go? Watch out!

Smartphones are exceptional pieces of kit nowadays. Models like the Nokia Lumia, HTC One and Apple iPhone have reached the point of being decent replacements for the ordinary digital camera, with the added bonus of being able to make and ... (more)

Edith Sherwood Letters 1910-1911

These explain some of the detail of how Edie came to plan to visit New Zealand. The Manttans may well be related to others of the name Manton, originating in Warwickshire England. John (who married Rachel) appears to be the son of John Manttan ... (more)