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Sending email in a secure, IPv6 world

This is a guide to updating your Linux server for SSL-enabled, IPv6-happy email transmission using sendmail! Here are the things you need to have already: An IPv6 address for your server. Your internet hosting provider will be able ... (more)


Influencers in the Computing Industry (more)

Finding other places to buy stuff


Winterton Seals

Winterton Seal Hospital This sanctuary does much good work for seals all around the Norfolk coast. (more)

Windows Vista

Windows Vista Windows with a difference... but is it any better than XP? (more)

Linux Solutions

Linux Solutions Problems encountered and solutions found whilst installing and using Linux. Early posts are for Fedora Core 6 (FC-6) (more)

Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs (more)

Using ADSL

Using ADSL (more)

Think Environmental: The Green Options

Think Environmental: The Green Options Install a wind turbine? Do more recycling? Walk everywhere? Fly less? What's best? It'd be hard to come up with a complete and 100% accurate ranking of the value of each possible action. ... (more)

Swindells Family Photos

Swindells Family Photos (more)

Finding companies to invest in

Using various criteria to determine which companies are the best! (more)