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Get more efficient with your Strava feed! Here you will find the activities of everyone you're following, but prioritised by each athlete's performance (relative to their own usual efforts). Please note that this page is currently not working, as Strava has removed the "activities of people I follow" from its API. If you are frustrated by this, please email developers at strava dot com

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by Greville on 06 March 2017 Reply
This could be useful, but my feed only shows 1 of the people I'm following and only our latest activity each. Am I doing something wrong?
by John Swindells on 10 March 2017 Reply
Have you tried refreshing it, Greville? Maybe just a glitch...
by Peter on 06 February 2017 Reply
Are you able to code the date column in the feed so that it is displayed as local time?

I'm in Australia, and morning rides all appear with yesterday's date

by John Swindells on 06 February 2017 Reply
Done! I must have had a reason for using non-local time originally, but can't think what it was.
by Pat on 11 November 2015 Reply
The Strava feed embed looks interesting, but it's way to small to see what it says. Keep up the good work.
by John Swindells on 12 November 2015 Reply
Thanks Pat! That picture is just an example of a Strava feed; nothing to do with your own feed. One day I may get around to making a widget that you can embed on your own website.

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