Child Killer Cars

The car buying public has been gradually getting conned into a size war on the roads. At the same time as advertising how green things are getting in the automobile world, car makers are 'pumping up' standard size car designs as a twisted form of fashion statement. Look at the Nissan Juke, Nissan Qashqai or the BMW X5, and underneath all that puffed up metal shell is just a regular hatchback. These 'cars' have trendy labels such as 'ultimate urban car', 'crossover' or 'compact crossover', which means that their sole purpose is as a status symbol.

The difference is on the outside, and the designers appear to have done everything they can to make sure that a child gets killed if hit by one of these monstrosities. That is why I call them Child Killer Cars, as they are shaped to afford no protection whatsoever to a child that they might hit.

For a long time, blunt-nosed Land Rovers and other 4x4's were 'accepted' because of their utility value on farms and so on. The creep of the 'Chelsea tractor' was tempered by public ridicule of people driving them just for ferrying kids about. Finally, we now have the awful possibility of mainstream car design moving into the 'unnecessarily big' arena, where designers out-do each other in an effort to hold the 'chunkiest look' crown.

In this pathetic size war, the only victims are the children who get hit by these beasts. And the designers? They come to no harm whatsoever, and probably don't even see the blood on their hands.


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