Audax UK
A haven for audax fans.
British Mountain Biking
BMB- Get Dirty!!!
British Cycling Federation
The governing body of cycle sport in the UK
British Cyclo-Cross Association
The British Cyclo-cross Association (BCCA) is the recognised controlling body for cyclo-cross in England and Wales.
British Universities Sports Association
BUSA is responsible for organising inter-university sport, and selects national representative teams for the British University Games and the World Student Games.
BTA Cycling
The British Tourist Authority's piece on cycling in Britain
Cambridge Cycling Campaign
Active cyclist's-rights organisation
Cycle Aid
This is your free and friendly access to legal advice if you have an accident.
There is a even claim form you can fill and e-mail immediately, visit our web site and let me know what you think.
Cyclists' Touring Club
Feature-packed access to the nation's club
FutureNet : MTB Pro
MTB Pro on-line (you need to register)
London Cycling Campaign
The aim: To create an environment in which everybody can use cycling as a form of transport
Manchester Velodrome - The UK National Cycling Centre
A one-page site with lots of information on the track itself, drop-in sessions, racing leagues, and the gym.
Road Time-Trials Council
An under-construction but highly useful site, with championship results and events.
Contact details as well.
Sport Plaza
Sports Service, UCI Cyclo-cross
Surrey Cycle Racing League
Information Service of the Surrey Cycle Racing League giving details on all events in the league, a results service, membership information and other cycling links.
Sustrans is a civil engineering charity which designs and builds routes for cyclists, walkers and people with disabilities.
Global Cycling Network, with mailing lists
Packed American cycling hub
The Virtual Breakaway
Racing and touring links


Mountain Bike Resources Online
Newsletter, debate, tips...
Bike Colorado
Central information source (if you live in Colorado...)
Track Racing journal
Bikefix: The Cycling Revolution
Got this one from an ad in CT&C.
No contact information as yet...
Euro Sport via Arie.NET
Dirt Northwest -- Mountain Biking Guide


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