Information and Advice on Housing and Living

With the essentials costing more and more each year, it is no longer good enough just to buy fuel and home furnishings without any thought. Here is some information and advice we have collected on owning, renting, selling and housekeeping through the years.

Buying a house

There are many issues surrounding the decision on how, or even whether, to buy a house. 

Selling a house

We twice put ourselves in the position of DIY conveyancers.  There are distinct advantages to being 'in charge' of everything, but preparation is everything!  You also might like some pointers on how to sell a house privately.

It's sometimes much more convenient and suitable to rent a place, but you need to be careful! 

Running a washing machine

Want to know how much it costs to run a washing machine? This javascript application may help: Washing Machine Costs


B & Q Have you thought about having the great DIY superstore deliver your goods? Read on first...

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